Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 361 - 45 days without a transfusion !

Ahoy All,

     I have been reluctant to post these last three months for a variety of reasons, but after my last labs I can report a definite  upward trend.  My numbers (Red, White and Platelet counts)  are coming up by themselves.  I have now gone 45 days without a transfusion.  It has been about a hundred days since I got the boost from my sister/donor, and it looks like the refinery is back on line, with no evidence of the  9q del genetic mutation or corrupted blood cells. 

     This is a note from one of my medicos:

"We are ecstatic with your blood counts!!!   I honestly got goose bumps when I saw your platelet count >100K.  WOW!   WBC 2K, Hgb 11.5.  This is wonderful news!"

     We go to Duke for an overnight check-up on this Wednesday, day T+365, the first anniversary of my transplant.  We hope that the labs will be continuing this upward trend, and will show that my blood type has flipped from O+  to Laurie's A+.

   What next?    

Tapering off some of the harsh meds, physical therapy to gain back the strength lost from the side effects - muscle wastage and weight loss.   

Risking time out in public without a mask to start building a new acquired immune system. Maybe in 6-months start getting some of the vaccines and immunizations for early childhood diseases.

Continue to adjust diet to offset the organ damage caused (as side effects) by the Chemo, and the meds.  

In short, figure out what is my New Normal.

I promise more posts as my strength and health returns.



  1. Cricker this is great news! I am so happy to hear this! It's great to hear from you and that things are looking up for you and Annie. Wishing you continued progress from here in Shoreham!


  2. Such a great report on this fine sunday morning!
    It was great to see you driving a few weeks ago, I almost didn't recognize you!! I know you may be tide to the dock with "Nip" this spring but there will be an Open innovation for you and Anne to go with us on "Cheeta"
    Get well buddy glad to hear things are looking up for you!

  3. Amazing and exciting and ... we are both so glad to hear it. Keep up the goodness!